Project Reflections


Mexico 2017 - with Hope Sports

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Our main organization that we give back to is HopeSports is a non-profit organization that promotes personal growth and community among athletes through short term service trips to Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic. HopeSports aims to provide a transformational experience that unites athletes around a shared purpose of serving the poor that can become a catalyst for athletes to impact their families, teams, and communities for positive social change. 

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This particular GiveBack trip was in Tijuana/Rosarito, Mexico. Tijuana is home to almost 2 million people and 800 factories. Companies like Rolex, Bose, Toyota, Welch Allyn, and Sharp have factories there. The minimum wage is only $3.00 a day which makes for a high poverty rate that is seen right when crossing the boarder.

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Hope Sports works alongside Homes of Hope to provide high-impact, short-term service opportunities while insuring a long-term sustainability for the recipient families, and their communities.

I also had the opportunity to drive into town with the family to go shopping for food and cleaning supplies for their new home. For me personally, this was when I was able to connect most with the family. It was the first time that they were able to shop for more than a gallon of milk and some rice.

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As the days went on it was awesome to see the change in the athletes as well. This trip was intended to be a transformation experience for both the families and the athletes involved. To give everyone a bigger sense of purpose in everyday life.

On the last day of the build we presented the keys and a blessing to give the family strength and happiness in their new home. This was perhaps the most emotional part of the experience, everyone was filled with gratitude and the family was able to sleep for the first time under a secure structure. The home that we built will provide a 7-10 year economic boost for the family. In other words, it would take the family 7-10 years to do what we did in just two days.

Thank you to our Hotel Partners and for your support on this trip!