Originally from Munich Germany, Francesca has a passion for adventure. Franny now lives in Jackson Wyoming where she bases her adventures out of. When she's not in Jackson she's exploring North America with her boyfriend, Blaine, in their 1978 Alaskan Camper. 

Growing up in Jackson has instilled a deep rooted love for the outdoors within us. Franny lives her life to creatively express herself within the elements - whether that be by mountain bike, horse, skis or while cooking over a campfire. She strives to constantly find beauty within simplicity. Currently she's employed as the Media House Director for AndShesDopeToo. Our most recent project is a feature length documentary film showcasing the rise of the female mountain bike culture in Nepal. 

Her mission in life is to always be happy, soulful and adventurous. She aims to cultivate authenticity, happiness and health by creating experience that break the routine and challenge herself both mentally and physically.

For Franny, giving back means sharing experiences that cultivate happiness. This can be done in so many colorful ways.