Travel around the globe, and you’ll find that hotels are becoming increasingly philanthropic. While accommodating guests is their top priority, hotels are also stewards of the planet. From saving water by asking their guests to hang their towels, to hosting community events to reduce their power consumption, the sky's the limit when it comes to being socially responsible.

Furthermore, research shows that hotels are progressively looking for unique and fresh opportunities to show their guest how much they care; and more importantly, what they care about. In essence, many hotels around the globe are looking to engage their guests and build brand loyalty in the process.

If you’re a traveler, you’ve likely experienced the multitude of different snack options in hotels. When it comes to stocking their location(s), hotels are able to choose specific snack brands that adhere to their values; and for many hotels, they’re choosing snack brands that are socially responsible. The luxury hotel brand, 1Hotel—located in South Beach, Florida—helped start this trend by offering PlayHard GiveBack snacks back in 2015. Following suit, hotels across the country are stocking minibars and front desks with healthy, unique snacks. Their guests are able to consume food that makes them feel good—both from a nutritional and philanthropic standpoint.

With as much as it must takes to operate a successful hotel, why do snacks matter? Well, whether hotel guests are traveling for work or for pleasure, it’s inherently easy to get stuck in a rut of choosing quick, unhealthy snacks and meals. Therefore, hotels can play an integral part in helping their guests make the right lifestyle choices. Rather than ordering the same candy bars and pretzels offered at chain grocery stores and bulk suppliers across the country, conscientious hoteliers are choosing to purchase snacks from companies that are helping make the world a better place. PlayHard GiveBack is proud to promote a lifestyle that incorporates playing hard, giving back, and fueling up with healthy snacks along the way.