Meet Lexi DuPont -- Sun Valley Local and PHGB Ambassador

Last week Lexi DuPont was featured on, with an article telling the bests of Sun Valley. Well, we couldn't agree more with her recommendations in the Wood River Valley. Little do most know Lexi also has an amazing background of giving back. So we took a minute to chat with our founder, Spencer Brendel, about Lexi and where life has taken them both. With both Spencer and Lexi being Sun Valley locals, they were bound to have a lot of great stories. 

Here's what Spencer had to say:

"I've known Lexi since I was 6 years old. We grew up playing hockey together, she was always a tomboy. Our parents started driving us to hockey games together around 7-8 years old and ever since then I've been a really close family friend. Over the years we have been able to share some epic adventures together, skiing in the mountains, water skiing at Pettit Lake (near Stanley, Idaho), or getting "western" down at her families cabin on Magic Reservoir.

Its no secret that Lexi comes from a well known family name, DuPont. She's certainly been lucky to travel the world and experience some mind blowing adventures, like Semester at Sea while in college. But she's also given back in more ways than one and more times than many others. Whether its been working with Higher Ground here in Sun Valley, hosting events for the Sawtooth Avalanche Center, traveling to Kyrgyzstan to be apart of "Saving Kyrgyzstan with Skis" (read more here), standing up for what she believes in by going to Standing Rock, or speaking to the local schools, Lexi knows how to PlayHard and GiveBack. Lastly, she has been on a real push to protect water as of late.

This girl is really impressive and if you get the chance to meet her, ask her about her GiveBacks. Its truly awesome all that she's done and continues to do. We're thrilled to have her on our ambassador team here at PlayHard GiveBack!" 

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