A Note From Our Founder -- Tackling Cairn

Over the past 2 years PHGB has been growing as a food startup and loving every minute of it. Located in the heart of Ketchum, Idaho we have been hand making our delicious trail mix while using 5% of revenue to support GiveBack projects in association with our non-profit partners, HopeSports.org and HaveFunDoGood.co

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Our most recent achievement came this past December when we had the opportunity to work with getcairn.com. Cairn is a community where outdoor enthusiasts discover new products and ideas that inspire them to connect and explore. 

This was an exciting chance to push our production team while introducing our trail mix products to 25,000 customers! A real opportunity to see what we were made of as a food start up! 

Did we mention that we hand make our trail mix? Oh ya, and at this point, we were putting our front and back labels on by hand too! Over the 30 days leading up to bag filling, we reached out to our closest friends to help apply the 50,000 labels onto our bags before they could be filled with our tasty mix. 

Upon finishing the label stage and slightly developing Carpal tunnel syndrome, it was time to GO NUTS hand making 25,000 trail mix bags to be delivered all across the country (watch the video here).

This was our biggest order to date and would surely push us to the next level. Day after day we would produce as many bags as possible as we raced the deadline fast approaching. Our biggest day? 4,000 bags with a 4 person team... Ya, thats nuts!! (Ok, last joke I promise) 

Photo Credit: Madalynn Carson

The hard work finally paid off as we completed the order, excited to receive feedback from the Cairn customers! 

We want to thank getcairn.com and all the subscribers for the great experience. We look forward to making some new customers! 

Until next time, #snackwithpurpose !