Our Partner: Hope Sports

Play Hard Give Back has partnered with Hope Sports, a non-profit organization that promotes personal growth and a sense of community among athletes through short-term service trips to Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. They aim to provide a transformational experience that unites athletes around a shared purpose of serving the poor that can become a catalyst for athletes to impact their families, teams and communities for positive change.

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How we Build a Better Tomorrow

PlayHard GiveBack sponsors two 3-5 day service trips to Mexico each year to promote giving back among our athletes. By purchasing our trail mixes, you fund these life-changing trips. As performance-based athletes need an inward focus in order to succeed, these trips allow for selfless giving to create balance. PlayHard GiveBack believes that through building give-back mindsets in our athletes, we can spark a movement and catalyze beneficial change.

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Our Goal

Currently, PlayHard GiveBack purchases all the supplies needed for our trips. As we grow, we aim to augment our giving by funding the travel and accommodations for each athlete as well. Hopefully, this will allow more athletes to join our mission in making the world a better place.

With your purchase of our all-natural trail-mix, you will help make our vision into a reality. Visit our Shop to contribute and get some tasty trail mix in the proccess.